Waves of Settlement

Waves of Settlement:
Gladstone from 1901 to 2001

Gladstone is unusual in Queensland, owing its origin to a deliberate act of foundation, rather than to gradual growth as a service town for an agricultural hinterland.  Far more than any other Queensland town, Gladstone is unique in having sustained great influxes of people in search of jobs in primary, secondary and tertiary industries.

The Waves of Settlement booklets are based on photographs, articles, memorabilia and oral testimony focused on recording changes through the lives of Port Curtis citizens, both past and present.  The activities of these people who have changed the environment and development of the Region are presented in these four chronological segments.

The Waves of Settlement booklets draw materials and expertise from several organizations in the Gladstone / Calliope / Boyne Valley areas, including the:

  • Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum
  • Calliope River Historical Village
  • Genealogical Society
  • Gladstone Maritime History Museum
  • Calliope Heritage Group
  • Boyne Valley Historical Society
  • Gladstone City Library
  • Gladstone Regional Council

The creation of the Waves of Settlement booklets were supported by the Queensland Government through the Queensland Community Assistance Program of Centenary of Federation Queensland.