Exhibiting at GRAGM

Exhibiting with GRAGM

Are you an artist or creative looking to exhibit with GRAGM?

Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum calls for expressions of interest from artists and creatives on an annual basis.

Exhibition projects are selected in several strategic ways, reflecting our community desires and tourism drivers, while maintaining our commitment to growing and developing regional creative talent. 

The criteria we use to select projects to explore further are:

  •  PLACE - Features and promotes local or Australian creatives with their practice and progress to showcase cultural tourism
  •  UNIQUENESS - Introduces new ideas, concepts, artworks, and experiences as a point of difference to our current and future audiences
  •  AUDIENCE - Targets desired audiences to broaden visitor’s worldview and understanding
  •  MEDIUM - Introduces and combines different creative mediums including theatre, film, dance, music, performance, projection, experimentation
  •  COLLABORATION - Collaborates with creatives to deliver a full, rich, engaging, deep, meaningful, multi-functional experience
  •  DIVERSITY - Celebrates uniqueness, diversity, tolerance, acceptance, inclusion, collaboration, cultural diversity, vision, inspiration and values-based approach to diversity
  •  TIME - Representation of the past, present or future
  •  COMMUNITY - Observes differing cultures, customs and lore to enrich society and community


EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST for 2021/2022 have now closed. 

Thank you to all those who submitted applications. 


How to Create Innovative, Curatorial-Based Exhibitions

To assist applicants with the exhibition development process, we have created a curatorial guide to help shape your exhibition experience into what we're looking for. Download it below. Applicants should aim to address the desired criteria above for your proposal to be considered for adoption into the GRAGM exhibition schedule. 


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