Through My Eyes: Allen Craigie and Coral Southee

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Through My Eyes: Allen Craigie and Coral Southee


In this joint exhibition two well-established local indigenous artists explore their perceptions of life's journey.

A collection of images portraying the idealisms and personal beliefs of these artists come together in individual and collaborative pieces.

Allen Craigie's featured artworks were inspired in a pathway through grief after the deaths of three people close to him. Having lost these people in such a short period of time, Allen painted as a means of coping during this stage in his life. Various works in this exhibit are based on scriptures from his Godly beliefs which also imparted a peace.

A descendant from the Wangkamana and Kaantju Tribes, Allen works in the traditional medium of ochre on timber and canvas, currently experimenting in three-dimensional artworks.

Allen has been exhibiting his work publicly over the past few years, although he has been artistically driven most of his life. Allen's ochre creations are totally absorbing to the viewer. He places layer upon layer until he has related the story portrayed.

Allen has sold his paintings overseas to buyers in America, Canada, Italy, and Japan to mention a few.

A descendant from the Birrigubba Tribes, Coral Southee is a self-taught artist who has been producing artworks for over ten years. Coral works predominantly with acrylic on canvas and sees her art as a continuation of the culture and tradition of Aboriginal Art.

Although contemporary, Coral's artworks reflect traditional styles and symbolism. Coral prefers the style of dot painting and crosshatching in her works feeling that they further promote tradition.

Since starting to paint commercially in the early 1990s, Coral has managed to gain recognition for her work in the last five years in her base town of Gladstone. Commercially she has been successful in selling her work to overseas buyers and now has paintings worldwide.

Coral and Allen's artworks complement each other both visually and spiritually.

Presented in conjunction with the artists.

Inset: Allen Craigie: Spreading the Word, 2007. Acrylics and ochre on board.

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