1956 Olympic Torchbearers

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1956 Olympic Torchbearers


On 17 November 1956 the Observer newspaper reported: "The largest crowds ever seen in the streets were assembled outside the Town Hall, and hundreds of motorists drove out to meet the incoming runners, and cheered the Gladstone representatives as they speeded south."

Fifty years ago the Olympic torch journeyed from Greece to Melbourne via Gladstone with over one hundred local men taking part in the relay. Each man had to run a mile and, for the most part, had to do it in the dark.

As part of the 1956 Torchbearers Commemorative Club 50th anniversary celebrations, the Gallery/Museum has put together an exhibition about the local participation in the 1956 torch relay which will be on display until 25 January 2007.

Image: Alderman Jack O'Malley, Mayor of Gladstone, addressing the crowd as they wait for the torch to arrive, 13 November 1956.

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