Art and Dementia Training Workshop

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Art and Dementia Training Workshop

National Gallery of Australia Outreach Program


Length: 2 days

Location: Gallery/Museum

Cost: FREE

Age group: Open

Level: All

Availability: 20

What's provided: Basic materials are provided

Bring: Entusiasm and great ideas!

The Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum and the National Gallery of Australia present a training workshop for arts and health professionals as part of the National Gallery of Australia’s Art and Alzheimer’s Outreach Program.

The two-day training workshop will develop skills to facilitate guided tours of works of art for people living with dementia. Partnerships established between arts professionals and health care providers during the workshop will ensure a sustainable program can be developed to support people living with dementia in the Gladstone Region community. 

Looking at and talking about works of art provides opportunities for people living with dementia to connect with the world in enriching and life-enhancing ways. A guided visit to a gallery promotes social inclusion in an intellectually stimulating environment for people who may be isolated and lack opportunities for meaningful activities. The program promotes well-being and increased quality of life.

The Art and Alzheimer’s Outreach Program training workshop will include an introduction to understanding life with dementia by a dementia care professional. Participants in the workshop will learn communication techniques for the discussion of works of art with people living with dementia. They will begin the process of implementing a sustainable program in the regional gallery.

The Art and Alzheimer’s Outreach Program is based on a program of tours developed at the National Gallery of Australia since 2007. The training workshop has been delivered in multiple regional and metropolitan art galleries and was recognised nationally through a MAGNA award presented for most innovative public program at the 2011 Museums Australia Conference.

The incidence of dementia is increasing and can be linked to the ageing of Australia’s population. Dementia is expected to become the largest source of disability burden in Australia by 2016.  Nearly one million Australians are involved in the care of a family or friend with dementia.  Programs for people living with dementia are therefore timely and relevant for the community.

The workshop has been supported by Museum & Gallery Services Queensland and Alzheimer’s Australia.

Information & bookings phone: 4976 6766 or email

If you require added information about the workshop please contact
Adriane Boag: 02 6240 6632 or Nikki Main 02 6240 6432 National Gallery of Australia

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