Women in Business!

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Women in Business!

The old Town Hall was reopened as the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum at Easter time 1985.  The team has been busy ever since bringing exhibitions to the region for the last twenty-eight years.

It has seen many staff members come and go in that time but has always maintained a strong female workforce.  2012 was a special year as for only the second time a man joined the team.  Harry Gallaher is now just one man working along side eight wonderful women.  Some would call this a dream job, others may call it a nightmare, Harry just calls it…Well actually, we are not sure what he calls it. We couldn’t hear him over the rest of us talking.

The Gallery/Museum is currently celebrating International Women’s Day with the exhibition Pioneering Women: Russian Experience. The display honours the lives of Russian migrant women settling in the Yarwun district after WW1.  This exhibit is presented in conjunction with the Gladstone Women’s Health Centre.

Pamela Whitlock has been director of the Gallery/Museum since 1993 and has been involved in gallery work since the 60s.  Clearly this is no longer just a job, it is a passion.  Her enthusiasm is infectious and has spread throughout this strong knit team.  The director said that her team “is vital to the development of the ever changing program of innovative and inspiring exhibitions and events that colour our lives.”

Come in for a visit soon as there is always plenty to see and do at the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum.

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In order of appearance:


Kym Kirkpatrick

Arts and Heritage Admisistration Officer

Since October 2012

Harry Gallaher        

Gallery & Museum Assistant       

Since November 2012

Pamela Whitlock   


Since June 1993

Di Paddick        

Cultural Projects Officer           

Since October 2006

Lyn Lee        

Heritage Officer               

Since March 1985   

Sarah Robertson    

Gallery & Museum Assistant       

Since November 2012

Marilyn Haertel

Research Officer Arts           

Since March 2000

Madeleine Cook    

Public Programs & Promotions Officer   

Since January 2012

Clare Case        

Gallery & Museum Assistant       

Since October 2008