Request for Services: 2020 and Beyond Easter Celebration Events

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Request for Services: 2020 and Beyond Easter Celebration Events

Gladstone Regional Council (GRC), is seeking submissions from local artists, community groups and organisations to coordinate and deliver celebration events over the 2020 Easter Weekend (Friday April 10 – Monday April 13).

GRC has identified great opportunity to lift our Regional profile over the Easter weekend alongside signature events including the Gladstone Harbour Festival and the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race. GRC is looking to support events in the Gladstone Region that align with our vision to activate spaces, engage, excite and build community pride and increase visitation to our Region.

Desired Event Outcomes:
• Provide an opportunity for sailors in the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race who have made the trip to celebrate their journey
• Encourage families of sailors to come to Gladstone to meet them at the finish line to celebrate with them
• Build Community Pride – encouraging local families to view the yachts and welcome the sailors to our region
• Create opportunities for increased engagement with Gladstone region locals with the Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race
• Encourage local residents to ‘Holiday at Home’ over the Easter weekend
• Activate new spaces across the Region and increase visitation to existing spaces

Service providers will be expected to develop and deliver events that achieve the above outcomes within their own resources. GRC will assist with marketing and promotion of the events. GRC will coordinate regular stakeholder meetings to ensure a strong ‘Easter in Gladstone’ campaign. Consideration will also be given to financial and in-kind support requests as well as proposals for multi-year partnerships.

Successful proposals will support GRC in achieving our vision in line with the Regional Events Strategy and will support all four of our key priorities:
• Positive Destination Profile
• Economic Growth
• Community Connectedness
• Environmental Sustainability

In addition, the proposals should address how our identified competitive advantages are being leveraged;
• Icon events and locations
• Juxtaposition of Industry and pristine environment
• Fishing and boating
• Climate and coastal lifestyle

To express your interest, please submit a written response including the below

• Full Event Plan including risk assessments and safety plans, site maps, proposed timing, key personnel involved and content of event(s)
• Any examples of previous work
• Relevant experience in delivering events
• Detailed information on the contribution, both financially and in-kind, required from Gladstone Regional Council including what any funds would be used for
• Information on other financial contributions sought
• Relevant approvals / licences required
• How the proposed event(s) address the desired event outcomes as outlined above
• A copy of your Certificate of Currency
• A projected event profit and loss statement

Please submit your response by 5:00pm Friday September 27th 2019 to Kim Roberts via email –