Nominations called for Saiki Sister City Advisory Committee

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'Intercity Images: Gladstone Saiki Photographic Exchange Combined Images 2019' exhibition at the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum, presented in conjunction with the Gladstone Saiki Sister City Advisory Committee and supported by the Gladstone Regional Council.

Nominations called for Saiki Sister City Advisory Committee

Gladstone Regional Council invites interested community members across all generations to nominate for a position on its Saiki Sister City Advisory Committee by Friday 18 October.

The nomination process is now open with an online form available at

The Sister City relationship between Gladstone and Saiki City was established in 1996 and is part of an international movement that began soon after World War II.

Gladstone Region Councillor Glenn Churchill said the original idea was to focus on community values and exchanges that encouraged understanding of each other laying a strong foundation for world peace.

“Exchanging visits with each other is an important part of our relationship to learn about the respective communities and bring about a good understanding of the people and how their community works,” Councillor Churchill said.

“As a member of the Advisory Committee, nominees will be able to work together to ensure this Sister City relationship continues to thrive and benefit both the Gladstone Region and Saiki City.”

A selection panel will review nominations after the closing date in late October and prepare a Recommendation Report for Council consideration on Tuesday 19 November.