National Volunteer Week Cruise 2024

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National Volunteer Week Cruise 2024

To celebrate our valued Volunteers and National Volunteer Week, the GRAGM Volunteer Team were treated to a harbour Cruise, Thursday 23 May 2024.

Visitor and Volunteer Experience Officers, Talia & Crystal, hopped on board to sail around the Gladstone harbour and let our volunteers know how appreciated they are. 


During their thank you speech Talia said, "We want to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers who selflessly give their time, energy, and skills to make a difference in our community - Your dedication and compassion inspire us all. Whether you're lending a hand at events and exhibitions or assisting children during our school visits, there is something for everyone, and your contributions are deeply valued and never overlooked." 

With Crystal adding, "We thank you for your willingness to contribute your diverse skills, no matter the task at hand. Your efforts not only transform the lives of individuals but also strengthen the fabric of our society. Collectively, you are all creating a more caring and empathetic world, one volunteer hour at a time. So, here's to you, the unsung heroes. Thank you for being the heartbeat of our community and for inspiring us all, to be kinder and more generous with our time." 


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