International Museum Day - Art Competition Winners

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International Museum Day - Art Competition Winners

Thank you to all who entered our International Museum Day Art Competition!

The entries received were all in the 18+ age bracket so the 2 original Ken Done prizes and 1 smaller Ken Done prize have been given. 


And the winners are...

Katrina Elliott , Angela Heffer and Natalie Parker!


Katrina Elliott

"Whist the template stands still and acts like a vessel, similar to that of museum, underneath flows blended movements of abstraction and unity. A safe place to express abstraction."

View the digital artwork here. 


Angela Heffer

"I have drawn a selection of people in front of a museum. The people represent different cultures, genders and ages. They are all people I have observed and sketched in Central Queensland while people watching, however they could be people visiting museums anywhere around the world. The museum in the picture is The Museum of South Australia which I visited last year."


natalie parker

"I spent quite a while trying to decide how to illustrate diversity and inclusion using the template below and in the end I chose something simple but symbolic.

 My partner and I painted our hands and placed them over the page in a variety of colours, representing diversity. All of the hands are pointing in towards the centre, showing inclusion and unity. We didn't wipe the paint off between colours, instead allowing them to merge and blend together to create new and varied tones. Colours contrasting against the white background link to colour blindness, and how 8% of males and 0.4% of females are colour blind. Hands are a universal symbol of connectedness and communication - you can talk using your hands, express yourself with your hands, and hands can bring people together through touch (holding hands, waving, blowing a kiss)."