Innovation Session Follow Up with Flying Arts

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Innovation Session Follow Up with Flying Arts

In response to two Innovation Sessions held at the Gallery/Museum with Flying Arts Inc's Executive Officer Stephen Clark, an informative document has been made available to local groups discussing the direction of arts and culture in the region and inviting vital feeback.

Stephen worked with participating community arts and cultural leaders setting out achievable action strategies for the 2012-2014 Cultural Policy and developing the following vision statement:

The Gladstone Region values the arts as an integral part of the culture and well being of the whole community. It brings us together and embraces the core values of diversity, inclusiveness, creativity and balance.

Following the feedback opportunity it is hoped to finalise a document for presentation to the Gladstone Regional Council, with community arts and cultural groups advocating for it to be adopted as the region's Cultural Plan.

This project has been made possible with the assistance of the Gladstone Region Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), a state and local government partnership program that focuses on the development of quality art and arts practice, supporting professional artists and arts practitioners living in regional Queensland.

Download a copy of the report here and provide your feedback before 5pm Friday, 30 March 2012 by phoning 4976 6766 or email