Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum Looks Forward To Further Efficient Energy Action

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Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum Looks Forward To Further Efficient Energy Action

The power bill for the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum (GRAGM) was discussed during a Gladstone Regional Council meeting earlier in the week, with the announcement of an Energy Audit for the property.  Undertaken by local business, Barnes Electrical, the Energy Audit made suggestions that will potentially save ratepayers thousands.

GRAGM's power bill comes as no surprise to Council.  Due to the strict conservation and contractual requirements that the organisation is bound to, the cultural facility is identified in Council as high energy user.  

"We are contractually obliged to moderate the temperature and light levels of our building to gallery and museum global standards for air conditioning and lighting.  Maintaining these strict levels allows us to host State and Nationally touring exhibitions," explained GRAGM's Curator, Jo Duke.

"These specific temperatures and light levels also safeguard our Region's historical items and artworks within the property's sixteen holding spaces.  These levels are monitored and recorded to protect against deterioration and ensure our precious items' longevity."

For 30 years, GRAGM has been a community cultural initiative of Gladstone Regional Council.  Support from the Council ensures the arts facility can highlight the work of local artists, showcase touring exhibitions and maintain social history records and archives for the Gladstone Region. 

Conscious of high energy costings, together, GRAGM and Council approached Barnes Electrical for the 2016 Energy Audit.  It was hoped that Barnes would suggest further efficiency options, in addition to the already implemented sustainably-friendly changes made in the past few years. 

Throughout 2013 to 2015, GRAGM systematically replaced the lighting set-up in the gallery spaces from halogen to LEDs to help reduce power consumption and last year the air conditioning system (originally installed in 1985) was replaced with a more energy efficient machine.  Along with the decision to leave lights off while gallery spaces are inactive, these two upgrades achieved significant reductions in the energy costs, saving ratepayers thousands of dollars.

"We are looking forward to becoming even more energy efficient thanks to the advice from Barnes Electrical.  The suggestions from the audit seem feasible, while allowing our facility to stay within the global standards regulated for all professional cultural facilities," said Ms Duke.

"Upkeep to the property may be costly but the richness it offers the community through both art and history is priceless.  We are very proud of our organisation and what is archived here and we feel confident that residents of the Gladstone Region understand the importance of this cultural facility within our community."

The Gallery & Museum is located on the corner of Goondoon & Bramston Streets, Gladstone and is open Monday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm.  Admission is always FREE with four active exhibition spaces for residents and visitors to explore, discover and experience. 



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