Gladstone Region Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2016

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Gladstone Region Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2016

The Gladstone Region Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is seeking nominations from interested community members during their 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM), to be held at the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum, 6.15pm Wednesday 20 July 2016.

The RADF is a program developed by Arts Queensland (AQ) and administered by Gladstone Regional Council, providing funding for development of arts and cultural activities through locally determined policy and assessment procedures.

Each year, Council lodges an application for funding with AQ and this money, together with an allocation from Council, is used to fund projects throughout the community.

Subject to approval, there are two funding rounds planned for the 2016/2017 RADF year, closing at the end of September 2016 and end of March 2017. Council is also working towards an exciting ephemeral art strategic project, hosted in conjunction with the region's parks as part of this year's submission to AQ.

Groups and individuals will be able to Express an Interest for funding of their specific activities during the four weeks prior to the announcement of each round. It is the role of the RADF Committee to make recommendations to Council, in accordance with the RADF Guidelines, if the applications received meet the local criteria and are eligible for funding.

For further information or to RSVP for the AGM please contact
Di Paddick RADF Liaison Officer on 4976 6766 or email

Link to Gladstone Regional Council Arts & Cultural Policy: