Floor Walk of 'Industrial Fibre, Fibre and Industry'

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Floor Walk of 'Industrial Fibre, Fibre and Industry'

When trying to depict heavy industry through art, perhaps weaving and sewing aren’t your first choices. However, local artist, Lidia Godijn, has done just that in her outstanding exhibition currently on display at the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum.

Working with recycled fabrics, mainly from work shirts and other recycled materials, each creation in this contemporary exhibit has been meticulously made using age-old traditional methods.

"Almost everywhere I went in Gladstone I saw the colours and shapes of the industries that we're dependent on," Lidia said.

"Artistically I was inspired and wanted to explore this using the texture, colour and form of fibre-working."

Occupied with these thoughts, Lidia diligently worked for almost three years on her exhibition, Industrial Fibre, Fibre and Industry which is now on display at the Gallery & Museum until May 28.

At 11am this Saturday, April 23, visitors have the opportunity to meet and hear the artist speak about her work during a FREE Floor Walk of the exhibition.  All members of the public are invited to attend the one hour talk, with audience discussion encouraged.

While there, visitors also have the opportunity to try using three types of weaving looms and add to the community weaving projects.


The Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum is open 10am - 5pm, Monday to Saturday, including ANZAC Day.

Industrial Fibre, Fibre and Industry received support from Boyne Smelters Limited (BSL) and Earth Commodities Gladstone Pty Ltd.