Congratulations to the 30 Finalist Photographers

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2017 finalist photographers from the Gladstone Region. Photographer: E. Korotkaia

Congratulations to the 30 Finalist Photographers

Annual favourite, 'Intercity Images: Gladstone Saiki Photographic Exchange' opened earlier in March at the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum.  Mayor Burnett officially launched the exhibition, along with special guest speaker, Wendy Marsh. 

Mrs Marsh, president of the Gladstone Saiki Sister City Advisory Committee, spoke at the launch explaining how 'Intercity Images' had invited photographers of the Gladstone Region to capture the spirit of Central Queensland’s lifestyle, people and environment. 

She said that 2017 had marked the exhibition's 15th anniversary and had enticed local photographers to enter 94 incredible photographs. 

Cr Burnett and Mrs Marsh then announced which of the entries had been selected as the 30 finalists to be sent for exhibition in the Gladstone Region's Japanese Sister City, Saiki City, in June 2017:

Brett Bunting, 'Sharing Pebbles'; Holly Clow, '"Zen" at East Shores'; Madeleine Cook, 'Stuck in the Mud'; Ruth Crosson, 'Going Crabbing'; Jackson Debois, 'Feather Star'; William Debois, 'Training at the Racecourse'; Rauri Elliott, 'Gracie's Catch'; Brian Farber, 'Idyllic Lake Awoonga'; Beverley Lorraine Gage, 'Mixing Pleasure and Industry'; Ruth Geck, '1770 Sunset'; Jakob Holmes, 'Celebrating 100 Years'; Lisa Jenkins, '1770 Beach'; Connor Johnston, 'Woody'; Susan Johnston, 'Bug Face'; Emily Kassman, 'Moonrise Over QAL'; Darryl Lee, '"The Dead Wall" Sculpture'; Lyn Lee, 'Where's My Breakfast'; Leigh Madge, '100 Degrees of Summer'; Rebecca McClure, 'Playtime for Herc'; Julie McGough, 'Child Play'; Julie Mergard, 'Sunset @ 1770'; Desley O'Grady, 'Life in the Country'; Alexander Richardson, 'Hey Sailor'; Tracey Smith, 'Sunbird in My Garden'; Bianca Sparshott, 'Dare to be beautiful'; Tristan Vickery, 'Playing at the Park'; Sue Waterson, 'Brolgas Dancing'; Paula Wayte, 'Christmas Gum Flower of a Eucalyptus'; Claudia Wehrli, 'A Magic Moment'; 91.9 Fresh FM, 'Power in Tranquillity'.

All entries are now on display at the Gallery & Museum until 29 April 2017.


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