Calling young musicians

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Calling young musicians

If you are aged from 16-25 and love your music then one of two upcoming music workshops will be the go for you.

Many young people would like to be involved in performing music but either feel they don’t have enough talent or never  get the chance to try. Also, many of those already involved in music could do with a lift to reach the next level, often in the area of improvisation and song writing.

These workshops are a hands on experience in demystifying music. Led by musician and music educator Brett Webb, supported by members of the touring rock band MECHA MECHA. At the end of their respective workshops, novices will have music laid out for them, and experience  performing as a group. Those more experienced  will discover new concepts designed to make their music performance more effective.

The workshops are supported by the Gladstone Region Regional Arts Development FUnd (RADF) a Queensland Government and  Gladstone Regional Council partnership to support local arts and culture.

The “Beginners Luck” music workshop, for those with little or no experience, will be held at 3.30pm Tuesday, 10 March 2015.

For those already involved in music - beginner to advanced - there is the “Sink-Your-Teeth-Into-Music” workshop at 5.30pm Wednesday, 11 March 2015.

Both workshops will be heosted at the Gladstone Police-Citizens Youth Club Meeting Room, 53 Yarroon Street, Gladstone and the the fee for each is $5.

Places for both workshops are limited so you should book now by phoning Gladstone PCYC on 4972 3122.