Bringing the community together through the Arts

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Bringing the community together through the Arts

Something very special is happening at the Gladstone Marina mid-July this year.  Boomtown is guaranteed to bring the community to a standstill and audiences can expect to enjoy record breaking performances over four exciting nights.

After the 2011 Classic Country success, Queensland Music Festival (QMF), under the artistic direction of James Morrison, is back. Partnering with Gladstone Regional Council and working with community groups throughout the Gladstone Region, QMF has assembled a cast, crew and set of mammoth proportions.  Visionary Creative Producer, Marguerite Pepper, together with her experienced team, have organised more than 300 cast members, in preparation for the spectacular.

Supporting partners, as well as community grants and funds, make these opportunities possible and following a successful submission to QGC, the Gladstone Arts Council Inc (GAC) is delighted to contribute $30, 000 to the show, from the QGC Sustainable Communities Fund.

The developer of the Queensland Curtis LNG project established the fund to deliver short-term, one-off projects that support community cohesion and enhance the liveability of communities within the Western Downs and Gladstone Region local government areas. 

GAC president, Wesley Walker, discussed the importance of bringing the community together through QMF's Boomtown, saying, 'This project certainly meets the funding opportunity criteria and will build social cohesion in a Region which is experiencing considerable economic and social tensions around rapid resource sector development.'


'Boomtown has enabled exploration and collaboration amongst the Gladstone Region's lively community groups and will celebrate Gladstone's unique cultural identity.  The Gladstone Arts Council is proud to be able to, with the assistance from QGC's generous support and funding, be a part of such a fantastic community opportunity.'


QGC Vice President Sustainability, Brett Smith, said, 'Since the launch of the QGC Sustainable Communities Fund in 2011, QGC has provided more than $3.4 million to 110 projects, including funding assistance to the Boomtown project through the Gladstone Arts Council.’ 

Affiliated with Artslink Queensland, GAC's aim is to invigorate the cultural life of the community by encouraging artistic expression, establishing networks and providing opportunities for participation in arts and cultural activities. For more information head online to:

For further details about the QGC Sustainable Communities Fund, visit the QGC website at:

Boomtown is a FREE community event, presented by QMF highlighting the unique history of Gladstone and will be on show from July 18-21, at the Gladstone Marina.  More about QMF is available online at:



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