'2016 Golding Showcase' People's Choice Award Winner Announced

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2016 People's Choice Winner, Lea Varghese with her artwork, 'Home Street Home' (Yr 12, Chanel College). Photographer: M. Cook

'2016 Golding Showcase' People's Choice Award Winner Announced

The 'Golding Showcase: Port Curtis Callide Valley Youth Art Exhibition' has closed for another year and the People's Choice votes have been tallied.  A whopping 852 votes were taken and the results are in...

The Gallery & Museum staff are pleased to announce, this year's 'Golding Showcase' People's Choice award winning artwork was, 'Home Street Home' by Lea Varghese, Year 12, Chanel College.  Congratulations Lea!

Although Lea is a young emerging artist, her technically proficient sketches are very striking.  The winning work features drawings of an older woman's face with piercing eyes, flanked either side by sketches of her feet and hand. Underneath these are smaller, repeating sketches, of empty bellies and bowls.  Also playing a significant part in the piece are the strips of muslin cloth that blend well with the smudged graphite pencil markings.

In an artist statement, Lea explained, "My artwork is a fatal embodiment of the struggles and hardships faced by the homeless. The dark lines and tonal variation was purposely used to show the sorrow in their lives. Ragged and impure, muslin cloth represents the lack of protection."

Well done to all of the 88 students who entered the 'Golding Showcase' this year and thank you to all those who took the time to vote for their favourite work out of the 110 on display.  Thanks to your votes, Lea's work will now feature on all of the promotion materials for the '2017 Golding Showcase'. Keep an eye out for it next year!

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