Woven Forms: Contemporary Basket Making in Australia

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Woven Forms: Contemporary Basket Making in Australia


Woven Forms is the first major survey of contemporary basket making across indigenous and non-indigenous Australia and showcases the extraordinary breadth of talent and diversity of forms produced by 58 contemporary artists whose primary work is basket making or the application of basket making techniques.

This exhibition provides the long overdue attention to the aesthetic and versatile nature of this contemporary art form where the artists are constantly introducing new ideas and pushing the boundaries of the medium.

A number of the 79 works in the exhibition challenge commonly held notions of 'basket making' however the overall intention is to evoke an acknowledgement that Australia has very fine basket makers.

All but one of the 58 artists contributing to Woven Forms are women, two-thirds are indigenous, and they come from across Australia.

An Object Gallery touring exhibition supported by BMP Billiton, Gordon Darling Foundation and the Australian Government initiative Visions of Australia.

Inset: Emma Davies: Orange Flowers, 2005.

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