Town Hall Turns 80

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Gladstone Town Hall under construction, 1934. Collection: Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum

Town Hall Turns 80


The Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum’s Town Hall building celebrates its 80th year with a historical exhibition looking back at its diverse uses. Originally built during the economic Depression as a job stimulus initiative for local families, the elegant building served for many years as the Town Hall. After the city of Gladstone expanded and the town’s needs changed the building took on the new role in 1985 as Gladstone’s Art Gallery & Museum which it still is today.


Share Your Stories!
The Gallery & Museum is inviting the public to visit between 15 - 18 September to recall their memories of the Town Hall as part of a digitally recorded oral history collection.

Make a booking to speak with Gallery & Museum Heritage Officer, Lyn Lee. Phone (07) 4976 6766



Celebration morning tea launch: 10.30am, Monday 15 September 2014
RSVP by 5pm, Wednesday 10 September 2014



School Group Tours:

All year round school group tours are available with a focus on learning about the history of the Town Hall building.  

Students listen and learn about the building's amazing past through an engaging slideshow of old photographs and stories while they answer simple question.  Afterwards students break into groups to complete a fun, Find-The-Item activity, to see first hand some of the things they have just learned about.

For more information speak with Public Programs & Promotions Officer, Madeleine Cook. Phone (07) 4976 6766. 

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