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Auntie Kay - Barney Point, QLD, February 2022 - William Debois


William Debois


Sacrifice brings together portrait photography and oral histories into a body of work that highlights contemporary social issues through personal and often powerful stories, that brings about universal notions of generosity, hardship, community, commitment, and privilege and inequality.

Collected in various regional and metropolitan locations since January 2021, these portraits and stories are the results of collaborations between the photographer and the sitters, whose contribution begins with a response to the two questions, What does sacrifice mean to you? What sacrifices have you made? 

Through a creative process that took shape over a road trip from Melbourne to Gladstone, William Debois has captured dozens of people met by chance, via recommendation and occasionally after pursuing them with some persistence. Each time, the tarpaulin backdrop custom made for the project would be set up and the subject photographed in available light, on black and white film. Echoing the work of itinerant photographers of the past, SACRIFICE is an evolving and collaborative project that illustrates the diversity of lifestyles, values and aspirations that define the Australian nation in 2022, reflecting the complexity of personal narratives.

This exhibition is proudly local. 

Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum together with Gladstone Regional Council are committed to the professional development of regional artists.



6pm, Friday, 19 August

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This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

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