Reclaiming Space

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'Guiled Tension', Seinileva Huakau, 2020

Reclaiming Space

Seinileva Huakau and Tuifua Huakau



Reclaiming Space is about familial ties to physical space and memory.

Using recycled materials artist Seinileva Huakau has created a body of woven works that redefine an established practice, alongside traditional Kumete (kava bowls) carved by her father Tuifua Huakau.

Over the pandemic the emerging artists honed their skills, finding new materials and ways to contextualise physical space from two separate places; one in rural Queensland the other in greater western Sydney.



10.30am, Saturday, 26 August

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Workshop 1 - 10.30am-noon, Wednesday, 20 September
Workshop 2 - 11am-12.30pm, Thursday, 21 September

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