Pattern Recognition: Contemporary Australasian Object Making

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Pattern Recognition: Contemporary Australasian Object Making


Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum

Pattern has entranced artists for millennia. Pattern Recognition brings together nine Australasian artists for whom pattern is a shared language. Together, they articulate pattern in a diverse range of forms; tactile, stimulating and surprising.

The exhibition shares its title with the latest novel by harbinger of cyberpunk, William Gibson, and it is the special talent of the story?s ?coolhunter? heroine. Pattern recognition is the means by which computers recognise the rise and fall of the stock market, and the intimate composition of our faces, speech and fingerprints. In centuries-old traditions, pattern has been invoked to embody both scholarly and religious perceptions of the universe. Pattern Recognition gives us a new way of recognising the conscious, and less overt, possibilities of pattern in object making.

Pattern Recognition features glass masterworks by Joanna Bone (Qld), delicate exploratory installations by Ann-Maree Hanna (Qld), vividly coloured site-specific graphic wall works by Sara Hughes (NZ), translucent printed porcelain by Mel Robson (Qld), fabric forms by Dorothy Filshie (NSW), weavings and new resin casts by Mavis Ngallametta (Qld), inventive jewellery by Helen Britton (WA), digital screen-based work by Damien Frost (NSW), and visionary furniture and lighting by David Trubridge (NZ).

A Craft Queensland exhibition, toured by Museum & Gallery Services Queensland.

Inset: Dorothy Filshie: Jugs

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