Life in Your Hands: art from solastalgia

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Jeff Mincham 'Full Moon – Dry Lake (No end in sight – ruin January 2009)' (detail), 2012, multi-fired and multi-glazed ceramic, 40 x 59 x 11cm, photography Michal Kluvanek, © the artist

Life in Your Hands: art from solastalgia




Life in Your Hands: art from solastalgia champions visual art, craft and design as an enabling force to combat solastalgia, the phenomenon identified by Professor Glenn Albrecht as ‘the homesickness you have when you haven’t left home’. The artists consulted directly with communities and tour venues to create artworks addressing this issue.

A Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery project curated by Robyn Daw, touring to six venues across Australia with Museums & Galleries NSW, supported by the Contemporary Touring Initiative.


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