Inside Out

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Gen Anderson, 'Sorry' drypoint and archival pigment print 520x400mm

Inside Out

Curated by Marion Wolfs



Inside / Out: Mapping spiritual journeys is a curated exhibition of original prints by Inkmasters Cairns Inc. members - Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and non-indigenous artists. The prints were all created as a response to the bi-horn shape of the metal breast plates, or "king plates", introduced in Australia by Sydney colonial Governor (Gub’a) Lachlan Macquarie (1815 - 1832) and awarded to indigenous leaders (in this and other colonial societies) to facilitate cooperation and assuage the social effects of exploiting the land.

The journey to reconciliation, how it might be accomplished and what results can be expected, remains a current and vexed topic for all Australians. These newly created "king plates" reflect the wide range of contemporary views of this fraught passage. They range from personal narratives to historical perspectives, critical views and humour - all of which seek to embody a ‘journey’ as a necessary process of discovering mutual understanding. The collection of prints addresses the theme of reconciliation and shared history in an innovative manner. The artists embrace a ‘transit of the spirit’ as a necessary process of discovering mutual understanding.

The prints include old and new technologies and combinations of both. They also include collaborations between indigenous and non-indigenous artists and printers. The collection demonstrates the depth of printmaking talent in Far North Queensland.

On tour with Artslink Queensland

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