Heritage Photographs

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Image: Giovanna Barba (nee Yow Yeh) and son, Ahli Barba (2016). Photographer: Di Paddick

Heritage Photographs

Celebrating Arts NAIDOC 2017


Familiar faces of both past and present Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Elders and their families are currently on display.  The exhibition showcases a section of the Gooreng Gooreng, Byellee and Toolooa family photographs from the Gallery & Museum's historical archives.

Featuring images from World War I days through to more recent times, the exhibition gives an insight into the strength and community spirit of well-known locals, including the Johnson, Yow-Yeh, Roe, Eggmolesse and Daniels families.

Emotive images of families celebrating important milestones are displayed beside photographs of Elders called upon to lead important parades and ceremonies for the region.  Over fifty photographs are linked with the theme of 'family' at their core.

Please note: There are images and names on display of people who have passed away.

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