2008 Castaway Art - New Beginnings

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2008 Castaway Art - New Beginnings


The Castaway Art - New Beginnings project is a series of workshops presented by local artists, a competition and exhibition of entries teaming up the residents of Banana Shire and Gladstone Regional Councils.

Castaway Art entries are made predominantly from recycled materials aiming to promote awareness within the community on the exciting ways we can reduce waste going to landfill.

The Castaway Art competition categories include Two Dimensional Art, Three Dimensional Art, Functional Art (including wearable and musical) and a Logo Challenge where artists are invited to re-create their council's logo.

Workshop opportunities include Music Sculpture with Rosemary Anderson, Shoe Art with Marina Hobbs, Creative Wind Chimes with Tracey Smith and Re-invention with Jo Williams.

Castaway Art is an initiative of the Central Queensland Local Government Association, partnered with the Banana Shire and Gladstone Regional Councils supported by CQ Waste Management.

Entry Form (PDF 135kb)

Workshop opportunities (PDF 922kb)

Offical opening and Awards presentation at the Gallery/Museum, by Craig Dunglison, Chair CQ Waste Management 4pm, Thursday 4 September 2008.

And the winners are:

Overall Winner: V-Dub, Tracey-Lea Smith

2 Dimensional:
First Prize: Recycled Scape 1 & 2, Cassie Paddick
Second Prize: Three Sisters, Paula Galt
Third Prize: Shattered Starts for the Looking Glass Spy-Fish, Dawn LaRosa
Highly Commended: Gladstone Grows, Liz Else

3 Dimensional:
First Prize: Reflections in Motion - Balancing Act, Linda Ebenestelli
Second Prize: The Façade of the City of the Future, Patrick Holland
Third Prize: Future Warning, Sarah Robertson
Highly Commended: Wheel Bird, Rosemary Anderson
Highly Commended: Soar High, Erin Doyle
Highly Commended: Revised Edition Bible No 1, Wendy Schoenfisch-Young

First Prize: Wearable Artfit, Sarah Anderson
Second Prize: Woodheap Warthog (Bench), Rosemary Anderson
Third Prize: Catch of the Day, Lyn Lee
Highly Commended: Wheel Chair, Ryan McLucas
Highly Commended: Untitled, Flo Otto

Logo Challenge: Gladstone Regional Council, Rosemary Anderson

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