2007 Creative Generation Awards in Visual Art & Design

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2007 Creative Generation Awards in Visual Art & Design


This annual exhibition recognises and promotes outstanding achievements by art students from state and non-state secondary schools throughout Queensland, including regional and remote communities.

Featuring a range of artistic styles and techniques, the exhibition includes paintings, drawings, photographs, mixed media, sculptures, prints, etchings and digital videos by the winners of the 2007 Education Minister?s Awards for Excellence in Art.

Minister for Education, Training and the Arts Rod Welford said the exhibition would visit Gladstone until August 9.

?This outstanding exhibition features 50 diverse artworks created by Year 12 students from state and non-state schools,? Mr Welford said.

?Art can explore a whole range of issues and this exhibition shows that the talented young artists who developed these works possess maturity, understanding and creativity.

?The catalogue gives audiences an even greater insight into the thoughts and ideas that make seeing this exhibition an inspirational experience.?

Mr Welford said the program was this year renamed the Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Arts and Design to reflect the strength and potential of Queensland?s cultural talent.

Creative Generations is a Department of Education, Training and the Arts exhibition, toured by Museum & Gallery Services Queensland.

Inset: Holly Powell: Invaded Sleep 2006 This work represents the private world of sleep, when people are not aware of their surroundings. The viewer becomes the invader and the sleeping figures become vulnerable to intrusion. These figures were constructed using hobby sculpting materials with the addition of found materials. The figures were made as a response to the concept of clandestine and covert which led me to investigate sleep as an impenetrable state.

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