Women - A Century of Change

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Women participate in the Holi ceremony, the festival of love and colors, which was once considered inappropriate for widows, at the Gopinath Temple in India.

Women - A Century of Change

National Geographic


Women have been central to storytelling at National Geographic throughout our more than 130-year history. Our extensive photo archives are filled with images of a wide range of women across the world. Frame by frame, these images have come to form a global chronicle of the lives of women. The archives offer captivating glimpses of women through time—how they’ve been perceived, how they’ve been treated, how much power they’ve had (or didn’t have), how they’ve faced challenges, and how they’ve filled their days—from the turn of the 20th century to the present.

This exhibition delves deep into the archives to illuminate the inspirational, moving, and extraordinary stories of women who have pushed boundaries, overcome adversity, and carved new pathways for themselves and others. No single image can represent the face of womanhood, but together, these photographs illustrate the evolving role of women in societies around the globe. With compositions ranging from traditional to provocative, the images are divided into sections that draw attention to a quality of their subjects: joy, beauty, love, wisdom, strength, and hope.

Although this exhibition draws on our archives, it does not just represent history. Our archives are a living collection, constantly growing to encompass the modern world. Likewise, this exhibition looks forward to explore the challenges and triumphs women may find in the future, as well as those they’ve experienced in the past. Alongside archival photos, you’ll encounter the stories and portraits of a number of accomplished, insightful women, including some of National Geographic’s own women of impact. Together, their achievements are shaping the events of today—and the archives of tomorrow. 

For further information about this exhibition visit https://blog.nationalgeographic.org/2019/10/08/national-geographics-exhibition-women-a-century-of-change-draws-from-the-acclaimed-photo-archives-to-showcase-a-global-chronicle-of-the-lives-of-women/

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