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    A collection of new portraits, personal and club memorabilia as well as video interviews, capturing moments and telling the stories of children from our region and the importance of sport and other activities to our community.


    Q&A with the Artist


    What is your background?

    I am born in Taiwan. Married to my husband and moved to Gladstone in 2007. My family are all very artistic. Mum used

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    In 1949, the first stored-memory electronic computer in Australia was designed and built by CSIRO scientists. How have we progressed since then? This exhibition features objects from the Gallery & Museum collection of communication memorabilia.


    Show Us Your Family’s Story

    The images below are of items within Gladstone Regional Art Gallery Museum’s collection.

    Does your family own any items

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    The 45th Rio Tinto Martin Hanson Memorial Art Awards 2020 exhibition of entries, supported by all-local individuals, businesses and industry.

    For more information on the history of the awards visit Past Exhibitions.



    Calling for submissions  10am - 4pm, Wednesday, 30 September to Tuesday, 6 October (excludes Sunday, 4 October & Monday, 5 October)

    GRAGM closed for installation

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