Summer Holidays: What Did You Do?

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Summer Holidays: What Did You Do?


From the beach to the bush, everyone young and old has a memory of how they spent their Summer holidays.

Take a trip down memory lane and see how local residents spent their Summers including holidays on Curtis Island, having to milk the cows twice a day instead of once, and celebrating Christmas in the Port Curtis region.

Bert Norris recalls taking half a day to travel to Tannum Sands to stay in their holiday shack made from flattened kerosene tins and Joe Schneider remembers joyriding around mudflats when he was too small to see over the steering wheel.

While viewing this exhibition why not take the opportunity to contribute your own memories.

Summer Holidays: What Did You Do? will be on display until January 25.

Inset: Les Norris. Photo courtesy of Mary Norris.

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