Bus Subsidy

The GRAGM Society kindly offers bus subsidies to schools and their students who wish to visit the Gallery & Museum.  The fees of hiring of a bus can be quite expensive and often is the reason why schools cannot go on excursions. The GRAGM Society Bus Subsidy aims to help by offering financial support and significantly lowering this cost.

If your school would like to apply for a bus subsidy, outline details of your planned visit to the Gallery & Museum on your school's letterhead and provide a quote from the bus company stating the expected fee. Bus subsidy support is at the GRAGM Society's discretion. 

Address your letter to:

The Secretary
Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum Society
PO Box 2011
Gladstone Qld 4680

Email enquires can be directed to the Gallery & Museum: gragm@gladstonerc.qld.gov.au
Subject line: Attention: GRAGM Society.

The Society is run by a team of dedicated volunteers so please be patient when waiting for a response.                

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